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We undertakes end-to-end testing services, that relies upon client objectives and goals.

OhhYeahh Provides best software testing service that goes an extra mile to resolve the responsiveness and stability of an application. Our services includes various software solutions and testing processes
We’re available for 8 hours a day!
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Testing and quality assurance services are an integral part of our development process. Оur test engineers works in co-ordination with the developers in each and every step of development stages.

To avoid major market failures and threats, we test your application in all the possible ways. Our teams strictly restrict to client requirements and its fulfillment along with best-personalized user experience.

We have access to a wide range of open source and efficient testing tools. Our testers with multiple years’ of experience will ensure you receive first-grade traditional software QA and testing services as a standalone offer.

We offer our clients the broadest range of packages depending on their requirement. It includes both full life-cycle and mid-life-cycle testing services.

Being an independent testing service provider for a long-term, Teknotrait has extensive expertise in automation testing and also handling big data. The mindset of a developer helps the test automation tester determine the best sense and to avoid costly mistakes in any software application.

Testing Services

Mobility Testing
Mobile technology and smart devices are trending nowadays and will certainly change the future of the world. We provide 2 types of testing in mobility testing i.e hardware testing and application/software testing.Testing applications on mobile devices are challenging and needs a great effort to do it.
Security Testing
This testing is done to determine if an information system protects the data and maintains functionality as needed. This testing is done to ensure that system and applications in an organization, are free from any loopholes which may lead to a big loss. It also verifies Confidentiality Integrity, Authentication, Authorization, Availability and Non-repudiation. These are the 6 basic principles to carry out security testing. We often use latest tools and techniques to do this type of testing.
Performance Testing
We do this type of testing for you to make sure that performance of the website is better.Performance testing is a non-functional testing which are carried out to find about the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under various workload.Mostly this testing includes stress testing and load testing. Major attributes of performance testing includes Speed. Scalability, Stability and reliability.
Automation Testing
We also provide software testing services which are automated i.e. the testing which is not done manually. It is done with the help of coding
White box testing
The testing carried out by developers themselves after finishing coding is referred as white box testing. This is a basic step of testing where functional and non-functional elements are tested. This is also referred as glass box testing. White box testing is applicable to these levels of testing: unit testing, integration testing & system testing.
Black box testing
This is the main testing process which ensures the security of your website and software. There are several testing process which we carry out for you. We provide Software Testing Services to our clients. We ensure that they are getting best of the QA & Testing services through our expertise hands.

What we offer in OhhYeahh QA

We perform an in-depth analysis of your product, requirements, and specification, and come up with a set of appropriate tools and software testing methodologies to help broaden your perspective and get a finely-honed solution.
Our exploratory QA process consists of browser testing, ad hoc manual testing, and facilitated client testing. We perform each with an eye toward user experience. Our solution architects develop a strategy and architecture plan that fits your project. We review new features and changes to existing code to make sure they meet our standards for readability, maintainability, usability, and accessibility.
Our testers utilize a wide range of test design techniques, technologies and tools to help you manage quality for your desktop, web and mobile applications as well as complex enterprise software solutions. Every project is carefully checked by our QA team and we use a robust testing regime built around your app ensuring the team can focus on building great features

We run all kinds of IT services that vow your success